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Thank You to LACBA Appellate Courts Committee

I had the honor of sharing the stage on Monday with Denise Howell of Bag & Baggage fame (not to mention Lawgarithms and other projects) for a presentation on blogging and other internet media to the Los Angeles County Bar Association Appellate Courts Committee. Denise has more than six years of blogging under her belt. I spoke specifically from the “young blogger perspective.”

The committee members were quite receptive and interactive, with great questions that were fun to answer. Thanks to all involved, including Denise, and to Ben Shatz for setting it up.

By the way, because I expect a few visits from committee members as a result of my shameless plug at the conclusion of the presentation, I intend to park this post at the top of the blog for a day or two. For that period, new posts will appear below this one.