Legal Humor

This Case Name is Worth Blogging About After All

Several weeks ago, I clued everyone in to what I think is the best law firm name of all time. And I’ve also mentioned when an unusual case name has caught my eye.

Then I ran across a case out of the Ninth Circuit this morning that I almost blogged about just because of the name. But it’s an in rem action, where names are often a little weird (usually currency, as in United States v. $1,201,894.38 in U. S. Currency”). Then I thought, “Nah, I just don’t get out much. Everyone’s going to think I’m crazy that this name is so unusual.”

Then Robert Loblaw at Decision of the Day blogged about it, and he thinks its the Best Case Name Ever. So there you go.

UPDATE (3/20/09):  I should have mentioned that Decision of the Day also addresses the substance of the decisions, as do (briefly) How Appealing and Split Circuits.