Best Law Firm Name of All Time

I was reminded of the best law firm name ever when I saw the firm as counsel of record in a Ninth Circuit decision Wednesday. I am familiar with them from my days in Orange County (in fact, I interviewed with them around the time I interviewed with and became an associate at the late, great, Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison).

The best real law firm name I’ve ever run across: Payne & Fears, LLP.

As good as, or better than, the fake firm names in your law school exams (like Dewey, Screwem & Howe or Low, Ball & Lynch).

UPDATE (2/15/08): Several commenters point out that Low, Ball & Lynch IS a real law firm. That’s really embarrassing (for me).  They have my apology. But did they ever consider Ball, Lynch & Low?


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  2. There is an accounting firm in my town called Baker and Launder. As in, “We’ll help you launder your money and then cook the books.” I always get a kick out of their sign whenever I drive by.

  3. The best law firm name I have run across, though sadly no longer in existence, was in the small town of Hamilton, Montana. The firm name was Recht & Greef. The name “Recht” is pronounced “wrecked.” They were a good firm and good lawyers and I always loved their name.

  4. I defended a deposition at Payne & Fears in OC. My client read the mug with the firm named etched into the side and laughed.

  5. As a law student, I argued at the 4th District against Daniel Fears. At the time, I thought the fact that Payne & Fears represented Disneyland (the happiest place on earth) was hilarious. Oh the irony.

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