My Eyes Weren’t Deceiving Me After All

So there I am, browsing the names of the opinions published yesterday, when I see it.  Can’t be right, I think.  I rub my eyes, look again.  Still there.  So I access the actual opinion, thinking that the name listing must be the result of some technical glitch.  Nope.  The names of the parties are on the opinion plain as day in NMSBPCSLDHB v. County of Fresno, case no. F050094 (June 26, 2007)

So I wonder whether the plaintiff is an “artist formerly known as” something else.  I’m so curious that I run a party name search in the Fifth District Court of Appeal and turn up several related cases with the same party.  And one of them solves the riddle.  NMSBPCSLDHB is a California limited partnership.

The court in this case used “NMS” as its shorthand reference for the plaintiff.  I think I might have used “Alphabet Soup.”