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A Hunger for Grammar Guidance?

Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better WritingImage from Wikipedia

My biggest day of blog traffic to date (and this blog is nearly a year old) was last Thursday, and more than half of the hits were to my post complaining about the misuse of “which” for “that.” Curious, I checked my Sitemeter stats and saw that a tremendous number of those hits were referred from the Chicago-Kent College of Law, to which I linked in the post.

I was ready to attribute the traffic spike to some sort of automated web crawling by the school’s servers, but there were also a huge number of clicks out from my post to several of the links in it. All of which makes me wonder if people are really hungry for clear guidance on grammar.

As much as I enjoyed the traffic spike, my writing posts will continue to concentrate on style, with the occasional grammar post. I’ll leave the regular grammar instruction to Grammar Girl.