La Meme Chose – Simply the Best Law Blogs

Unless my blog is the only legal blog you look at — and what are the odds of that? — you’ve probably run across this meme elsewhere.  Law bloggers are being asked to name their top 10 law blogs.

Recognizing the faults with these types of lists, noted by (at least) Robert Loblaw and Robert Ambrogi and perhaps other participants in this meme, I should point out that my “best of” list is naturally skewed toward blogs relevant to the subject matter of my own.  Which, of course, leaves out innumerable terrific legal blogs.  I encourage everyone to check out my blogroll for additional quality blogs.

I am delighted to have been named to the “top 10” lists of two other bloggers (well, in the case of one, the “Top 11” list) already participating in this meme.  Both likewise appear in my list.  In the interest of full disclosure, they are marked with an asterisk.

Without further ado:

Ninth Circuit Blog – Federal public defenders comment on Ninth Circuit criminal cases.  (There’s one of these for just about every circuit.)

California Appellate Report – University of San Diego law professor Shaun Martin summarizes the cases from the California and Ninth Circuit courts that he finds most interesting.  Sometimes sarcastic, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, he really knows how to wrap up the essentials of a case in a blog post.

Decision of the Day* – self-described as a ” daily summary of the best (and worst) of federal appellate decisions,” this is an engaging blog.  I still can’t figure out how Loblaw gets these posts up so close on the heels of the release of the decisions.  It’s as if the courts e-mail the decisions straight to his brain.

The UCL Practitioner* – San Francisco plaintiff’s class action lawyer Kimberly Kralowek chronicles developments in California’s Unfair Competition law.  Which there’s plenty of.

the (new) legal writer – New Orleans appellate lawyer Raymond Ward offers tips and some great links to resources to help improve your legal writing.

The Party of the First Part – Legalese is admittedly an easy target for ridicule, but this blog targets it so well.

Wayne Schiess’s legal-writing blog – University of Texas law professor Wayne Schiess offers great advice and challenges legal writing “rules.” Law Blog – A general legal news blog from the Wall Street Journal.  Naturally, it has more of a national perspective than a California one.  But with California accounting for more than 10 of the country’s population, and the Ninth Circuit being the largest in the nation, there’s plenty here for people that like my blog.

Legal Pad – This is put out by the online legal news publication Cal Law.  Think of it as a local version of the Law Blog, but with more frequent attention to particular legal cases in California.

The Mac Lawyer – Anyone using a Apple Macintosh computer in their practice should check this frequently.

Now go check out the blogroll!