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My blog post on reading briefs from a screen is now an article (and welcome, Citations readers!)

Your humble appellate blogger working on his next article

A special welcome to anyone arriving here after reading my article in the June issue of Citations, the Ventura County Bar Association’s monthly publication. Maybe “iPad Judges” are Not Such a Good Idea is my adaptation of my post last month of the same name, citing studies showing that readers tend to comprehend and retain material better when reading from paper than from a screen. (The article is also scheduled to run this month in the Appellate Law Journal from Counsel Press.)

I’ve since posted some comments on a related issue: whether laptops help or hurt students in the classroom.

It is about time I get back to blogging about the law. Don’t be a stranger!

(By the way, if you still have your paper copy of Citations, make sure you check out the back cover. [No, it’s not about me.])