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Ever Felt Like Using an Expletive at Oral Argument?

I imagine swear words are material to cases quite often, especially in defamation or employment cases (the latter being the first time I had to put one in a brief).  But I suspect they are rarely the focus that they will be in oral argument in this case before SCOTUS.  Apparently, “Justice Roberts is undecided on whether or not he should even allow the lawyers to use the words — and if so, whether to allow the argument’s audio to be played on C-SPAN.”

One Comment

  • New York Criminal Lawyer

    Have I ever felt like cursing? Absolutely. Have I ever done that in an oral argument? No. I know for a fact that the judges in the 5 Burroughs of nyc would go into apoplectic shock if attorneys cursed in their courtroom.

    Would I like to see it (or hear it) before SCOUTUS? I’d pay to see it.