My New Digs . . . and New Everything Else

Some of you may have noticed some changes in sidebar information that clued you in to my recent relocation and change of practice name. Most of you probably didn’t, so here’s everything you need to know (more than you need, actually) in one post.

First, the new digs. I’ve moved from Ventura to Oxnard, and specifically to the Fisherman’s Wharf area of Channel Islands Harbor, where you’ll find the fine gentleman at right (the one in the yellow coat) standing post in front of the Ventura County Maritime Museum, which is in the building next to my office.

I’ve gone from a professional building in a busy part of town — with the attendant traffic — to a far more tranquil setting. Instead of having doctors and lawyers as neighbors, I share a building with Anacapa Surf Shop and The Studio Gallery, which is . . . cool. There are two other law offices in the complex. One is my old boss, the other I haven’t been able to check out yet.

The location also makes for distinctive driving directions: “After you pass the lighthouse, turn in at the second ship’s mast and park near the water taxi sign.”

Oh yeah, remember that view of the parking lot? It’s been replaced with this:

OK, I admit, that’s not quite my view. I actually have to take a few steps outside my office to see this. But my old view was of a parking lot, and when I stepped outside my office, I still saw a parking lot. This is better. My first office as a lawyer in BigLaw was on the 46th floor of the Gas Company Tower in downtown Los Angeles, from which I could see Dodger Stadium, the HOLLYWOOD sign, and Griffith Park Observatory. Again, this is better. And it’s minutes from my house, so the commute is better, too.

And perhaps one of the biggest benefits of all: windows that actually open . . . fresh air!

Luckily, the nature of appellate practice means I can work on appeals from all over the state (or from around the Ninth Circuit, for that matter) no matter where I locate my office. Most appeals require only a single court appearance and very few meetings with the client (sometimes none). Send your documents to me in Channel Islands Harbor (or deliver then yourself as an excuse for a brief getaway to this beautiful place), and let me take care of the rest!

By the way, when you send them, you’ll no longer be sending them to me at “G.T. May Law Offices.” You’ll be sending them to me at “The Law Office of Greg May.” Not exactly a radical change, but I thought the name of the practice should include the name under which I have developed an online presence. The rest of my new contact information:

Greg May
The Law Office of Greg May
2741 Victoria Ave, Suite “E”
Oxnard, CA 93035
Ph: (805) 824-5120
Fax: (805) 832-6145
UPDATE: While web address, phone number and fax number remain the same, my address is now P. O. Box 7027, Oxnard, CA 93031.
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