Survey Results — Such as They Are!

Two weeks ago, in response to a post I’d seen elsewhere about judges reading blogs, I put up a survey in the right sidebar that asked readers to choose the description that best described them.   During that time, I posted rather lightly, and the blog had a slow few weeks: barely 1300 page views.  With 1300 page views, how many survey participants do you think I had?  100?  200?  500?

Try 34. I’m no statistics expert, but I figure that puts the margin of error in the results somewhere around 12,000 percent.

The only category with zero responses?  Judge.

The responses broke down as follows:

Next time, I’ll do some fundraising for a “get out the vote” effort, maybe allow voting by absentee ballot!

In case any of you have been waiting, I should be back blogging tomorrow.