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Welcome, California Lawyer Readers!

Welcome to all first-time visitors led here from the mention of me and the blog in the May 2008 California Lawyer article, Debate Heats Up Over Unpublished Opinions. (For those who haven’t seen the piece, it highlights the recent case of Hild v. California Supreme Court (No. C-07-5107-JCS (N.D. Cal. filed Oct. 4, 2007)), which the article describes as arguing “that the state’s publication rules violate Californians’ due-process and equal-protection rights by creating ‘a de facto policy of refusing review of unpublished decisions in civil cases.'” The piece discusses the case in the context of the ongoing debate over whether the rules should allow citation to unpublished opinions.) My original post on Hild has some useful links, including a good article by How Appealing‘s Howard Bashman.

By the way, the writer of the piece is freelance legal writer Lorelei Laird, whose own cleverly named blog, I Am Not a Lawyer, examines legal issues from the perspective of a non-lawyer.

I’m eager to get into the cover story for this issue, which is about law blogs, but I haven’t had a chance yet. From the look of the cover, though, it appears to make the legal blogosphere look scary! In any event, I’ll put up a post this weekend about my thoughts on the cover article.

Again, if you’re here because you saw the article, welcome! Stay awhile and poke around. Check out the sidebar information. If you’re going to scroll through entries, go back at least two weeks; last week was a light blogging week. Try pulling up all posts in the Legal Writing category, all posts in the Appellate Procedure category, or any other category in the right sidebar that catches your fancy. And come back soon, or subscribe to the RSS feed. (Not sure what an RSS feed is? Click here.)

UPDATE (5/8/08): Per my usual practice with these “welcome” posts, I’m going to leave this post atop the blog for the next few days so the targeted readers don’t miss it as they trickle in. Please look for new posts below this one until then.