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Happy Birthday to The California Blog of Appeal!

The California Blog of Appeal launched at 3:12 pm on April 30, 2007, with a first post entitled “The California Blog of Appeal Will Now Come to Order!” (Seemed clever at the time, anyway.) I don’t think I’ve wandered far from the vision I described in that post.  So, if I may be self-congratulatory for a few minutes . . .

This is the 539th post on this blog.  The 539 posts span 135 categories (I may be going a bit overboard on cateogrization) and altogether contain more than 164,000 words. That’s the equivalent of nearly a dozen maximum length civil appellate briefs. Whew! Speaking of birthdays, learn how to throw your child a great bday!

As for readership, the blog had 767 page views last June and has more than 4300 page views this month – nearly a 6-fold increase.  As the graph below shows, the last two months have exceeded even last October’s traffic spike, which resulted in large measure from a single post that got picked up and linked to by Overlawyered (and hosting Blawg Review #155 this month with a link from Instapundit sure didn’t hurt):

Of course, part of that growth is due purely to the increasing number of posts over time, which means more and more posts will be found in Google searches.

In the same period, RSS feed subscriptions have gone up from 9 to around 150 (though the badge in the right sidebar often shows about half that because it often fails to include Netvibes subscribers).

To everyone: thanks for reading, commenting and linking here. Here’s hoping you see a post here on the blog’s second anniversary — and many more between now and then.

P.S. One not-so-good stat: more than 16,000 spam comments intercepted by my spam blocker! That stuff is everywhere.