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New Blogroll Listing: The Complex Litigator

Close shot of Rodin's The Thinker at the Musée Rodin.Image via Wikipedia

I’ve added The Complex Litigator, a very young blog, to my blogroll under the “Blogs – 9th Circuit State – California” category. Its subtitle:

A California-centric collection of comments and resources concerning the practice and procedures that make complex litigation and class actions uniquely challenging.

Every time you think all the legal niches are taken, a new law blog comes along to surprise you. And it starts with one of the best first posts of all time, which may actually describe what a lot of us law bloggers felt when we started blogging.

Finally, you gotta love the double meaning in the name. When I read it, I think, “Boy, that litigator is sure a complex guy.” The blog has a sculpture in its header image, but I think I would have used “The Thinker” (pictured) instead.

Welcome aboard to The Complex Litigator!

Hat tip: Wage Law.

(Photograph used wth permission pursuant to terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.)

One Comment

  • The Complex Litigator

    I am grateful for the post about my new site. I am also relieved that someone has validated the time I spent thinking about a suitably interesting blog name. That, at least, was intentional. Regarding my complexity and the header image, I was intrigued by the darkly unconventional image of “Justicia” that sits outside the Canadian Supreme Court.

    I will be reading your blog regularly.