That Must Be One Heckuva Jeep!

You’re busted in L.A. for soliciting prostitution. Worse, you happened to be inside your 2000 Jeep Cherokee when you were busted, so it gets impounded and the city initiates forfeiture proceedings. You oppose the proceedings, spending $49,735.90 on attorney fees. For your 5-year-old Jeep. Wow.

You win in the trial court, but go on an appellate court odyssey before everything is finally determined in your favor. The only downside is that your name and your arrest for solicitation of prostitution are now enshrined in a published opinion. But at least your name isn’t in the title: City of Los Angeles v. 2000 Jeep Cherokee, case no. B185673 (2d Dist. Feb. 7, 2008).