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LawLink Access to The California Blog of Appeal and More

There’s a new way to access legal blogs and more about your colleagues. And I do mean new. I added The California Blog of Appeal to the blog directory at LawLink over the weekend. This is only the eighth blog to be added, but plenty more are sure to follow.

Clicking on any of the blogs in the directory gives you an RSS feed right inside your browser window that shows teasers from the last few (up to 15) blog posts at that blog. Who knows how widely seen it may become? If you have your own law blog, you might as well get it up there now.

LawLink appears to be an attorney-only version of LinkedIn, an on-line networking tool designed to extend your network beyond your immediate contacts to those of your colleagues. I haven’t poked around LawLink too much, and my profile is bare bones for the time being. But the site appears to be designed to present an odd mix (in my opinion) of personal and professional information, considering that it is limited to attorneys. For example, there are fields to broadcast that you are looking for a personal relationship, whether or not you are single, etc.

Time will tell if it grows into a truly useful networking tool and blog resource.

UPDATE (2/6/08): The number of blogs has more than tripled since I registered this one on Saturday. The directory is now up to 25 blogs, some of which I have not seen before. This will definitely be worth checking every once in a while.

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