Posting May be Difficult Today – Here’s Some Reading

I’m probably going to be tied up with a client for most of the day and will be unable to post.  But here’s a few things I found that might interest you. 

The Appellate Practitioner poses a hypothetical regarding writ review, then provides the answer.

The UCL Practitioner links to an article on the state of legal blawgs.  Still healthy.  Getting stronger, in fact.

Pamela Fasick is back at California Civil Litigation.  Welcome back from hiatus, Pam.

Party of the First Part wonders if he’s found the worst on-line agreement ever.  It’s got to be close, at least. Law Blog makes it sound like things have changed since I left “BigLaw.”  They also have a post up about a trademark dispute that you’ll find of interest if you like Samuel Adams beer.  Or maybe if you just like beer. Newswire posts about SCOTUS agreeing to hear the Exxon Valdez punitive damages case.  They also have advice for giving bad news to clients.

California Business Litigation Blog finds that lawsuits are a pretty good sign that not everyone is happy with their iPhone, even though the writer thinks they should be.

Legal Pad writes a bout a malpractice claim against Irell & Manella that may remind you of the premise behind the great TV show “Ed” (the “Bowling Alley Lawyer,” if you need a reminder).

And finally, Blawg Review #132 is up at Home Office Lawyer.

And don’t forget to check in with me again tomorrow!