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Site Upgrade Notes and Request for Assistance

I upgraded the blog from WordPress 2.2 to WordPress 2.3 overnight. You may see some minor fluctuations in the site as a result.

For example, I have removed the site stats from the right sidebar because the plug-in does not seem compatible with this new version of WordPress. No big loss. Nobody was looking there to see that I have posted more than 71,000 words in 226 posts, right?

As far as commenting goes, comment previews seem to be working. The Blogfollow plug-in does not seem to be working, but I’d appreciate it if someone else would try posting a comment to this post so I can be sure the Blogfollow incompatibility has to do with the upgrade and not with the blog URL I was entering. When you post the comment, make sure to provide the URL of your blog. When the comment is approved, it will include a snippet from your own blog if the plug-in is working correctly. If not, I’ll know it’s not working and can get to work on fixing it.

Snapshots seem to be working. The comments spam filter seems to be working, so you shouldn’t see any offers for Viagra or investments in the comment threads.

I’ll be playing with the remaining plug-ins over the next few days, seeing what needs to be tweaked. If the site seems to behave strangely on your end, shoot me an e-mail to describe the odd behavior.