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The Danger in Blogging about Writing

I’ve been blogging less than two months, and one of the things I am still getting used to is that the need to post quickly about current developments or about my comments on other blogs forces me to post without subjecting my writing to the same rigorous editing I apply to my writing in almost every other context.  Which means I’m probably posting work that’s not up to my usual standards. Which, come to think of it, makes it very dangerous for me to keep blogging about writing skills, doesn’t it?

Too late now.  I’ve already posted twenty-one times on the subject of writing!

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  • Susan Cartier Liebel

    I wouldn’t worry about this. Blogging is much more informal…the more informal and relatable you are, the more you engage the reader and build relationships…this is what blogging is ultimately about. Welcome to the blogosphere. You are needed.