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Ninth Circuit: Prior Conviction of Any Age May be Used to Enhance Sentence for Illegal Entry

Joining the Tenth and Eleventh Circuits, the Ninth Circuit holds that there is no limit on the age of convictions that may be used under section 2L.1.2 of the 2003 Sentencing Guidelines to enhance a sentence on a conviction for entering or remaining in the United States illegally. The defendant in this case was apprehended in 2003 and the trial court correctly considered convictions from 1972 and 1976. The case is United States v. Olmos-Esparza, Ninth Circuit case no. 06-50276 (April 24, 2007).

UPDATE: Jon Sands at Ninth Circuit Blog gives his detailed take on the case here.

CORRECTION: The author at Ninth Circuit Blog is Steve Kalar, posting here.