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Blogroll addition: Resolving Discovery Disputes

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I think you’d have a hard time finding any attorney who enjoys the process of written discovery. The process is unpleasant, especially when dealing with a stubborn party or counsel. The costs can be staggering. It gets even more unpleasant when disputes arise. Depositions (as opposed to written discovery) can be fun, but the fun goes away once a dispute arises.

You may be able to ease the pain somewhat by consulting the Resolving Discovery Disputes blog run by Foster City attorney Katherine Gallo. I ran across it the other day and, after reading the post I had found in my internet search, kept reading post after post, finding them filled with practical advice. The blog covers depositions as well as written discovery and is not limited to discovery dispute resolution. I found interesting posts about all phases of the discovery process. If you are a litigator, you may want to add it to your daily reads.