Sticky post (newer posts below this one): CAUTION: This blog has been hacked

I just got a client inquiry based on a 2008 post, so I looked at the post, and . . . YIKES! I found someone had hacked my blog and inserted advertisements into the post! The advertising links are gone from that post now, and I’ll be changing my a password as soon as I finish with this post, but it looks like I now have to look through my other 800+ blog posts for signs of similar shenanigans.

If you run across any odd links anywhere on the blog, please notify me at (replace AT with @) and tell me which post they appear in. (It would be best for you to email me the URL of the post.) As examples of odd links, consider that 2008 post, which was about whether a car owner’s due process rights had been violated when her car was towed without notice. Someone inserted links to a towing company, a lender, and an insurance company. Besides the breach of security, I am also bothered because those links made my writing look ridiculous!

Your help in cleaning up the blog by notifying me of any odd links would be appreciated.

8/9/2019 UPDATE: I just discovered a post that was hacked by the inclusion of two links to law firms! I’m confident the firms themselves would not be doing anything so nefarious, but maybe some web marketer is doing it to meet a quota of links without the firms’ knowledge?

UPDATE: I’ve tried to automate the identification of hacked posts, but I’m afraid it’s not working. I am reviewing the posts one by one — more than 800 of them — and will update the warning in the sidebar when I complete that review and have removed the material added by the hackers.