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The Cover of Rolling Stone CITATIONS

You youngsters out there may not get the Rolling Stone reference (a big, big, song in the early 70s), but it is an irresistable one for me to make in announcing my newest article, because the article is featured on the cover of the August 2008 CITATIONS (along with my picture, to the great misfortune of the magazine’s subscriber base).  CITATIONS is the monthly magazine of the Ventura County Bar Association (full disclosure: I am on the editorial board).

The article is about my experience during my first year or so of blogging. I thought it was timely, given a recent California Lawyer column that advised solo and small firm lawyers against blogging except in rare circumstances.

As the title, “The Blog and Short of It,” suggests, it hasn’t all been a bed of roses.  But the downside of blogging is not so bad, either.  Click on the magazine cover at right for a PDF download of the August 2008 CITATIONS.

Oh, and let me extend a welcome to any any CITATIONS readers who may be visiting as a result of the article.  Come back soon.