Legal Humor

A Little Bit Funny, Mostly Not

When I found this Youtube video, I was hoping to send everyone off on their weekend with a good laugh. Then I watched it.  Don’t get it.  At all.  Which is why I’m not embedding it here, and you’ll have to follow the link. If you think you get it, leave a comment.

Nonetheless, I looked at part 2 of the video, and that one does have a pretty funny sequence starting around the 1:20 mark, and another starting at about 3:30. Since this appears to be a legitimate research training video with a laugh track added, and the humor arises (presumably unintentionally) from the dialogue in the training video, I think these sequences are even funnier. (Just so you don’t have to sit through part 1: the man in these scenes is an attorney updating a case cited by his adversary in an appellate brief.)

Have a good weekend!