Jurisdiction Not Interesting?

Professor Martin at California Appellate Report lauds Judge Bybee for his opinion in SEC v. Ross, case no. 05-35541 (9th Cir.  Oct. 15, 2007):

It’s an erudite, comprehensive, and incredibly good opinion.  On a subject (here, jurisdiction and service of process) that’s nowhere near inherently exciting.

Nowhere near inherently exciting?  Huh?  Then again, my favorite first-year law school class was Civil Procedure, so I’ve been a bit odd from the beginning.

That said, I’m too busy at the moment to read this lengthy decision.  But I skimmed it, and here’s the first thing that jumped out at me:  Bustos, a pro se appellant, beats Allen Matkins and the SEC and convinces the Ninth that the district court lacked personal jurisdiction to order disgorgement of his sales commissions.  Not bad.