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A Plug for “Old School” Research

Thanks to the Second Opinions blog, I found Law Dawg Blawg today, which has this post summarizing an article at Legal Times by a Big Law partner about his concern that young associates rely too much on online legal research tools, and what his firm did to encourage young associates to get into the library and utilize print resources.  This should be of particular interest to “old school” attorneys.

I suspected that some lawyers were moving away from print because this blog gets hits from law firms running searches in Google.  I don’t expect to replace Westlaw anytime soon, but I find it interesting that the searchers at these firms (some of them Big Law firms) are actually clicking through to the blog while doing research.

 I love online research, especially using the Key Number system on Westlaw.  But for initial research in secondary materials, or to actually read materials, it is far more satisfying for me to be in the library.

I suggest you read the summary post at Law Dawg Blawg first before going on to the Legal Times article.