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Ninth Circuit Website Kudos

Howard Bashman’s latest column at Law.com is about the need for more free internet access to federal court case information.  Acknowledging that access to published and unpublished decisions is very good, he laments the general lack of access to information about cases pending rehearing en banc

The Ninth Circuit is one of two he praises. Specifically, he lauds the Ninth for providing free access at its website to a list of cases pending rehearing en banc, the issues as to which rehearing has been granted, the rehearing petitions and oppositions.  Indeed, he calls it “a wonderful example of what the other federal appellate courts should be doing.” 

Now I feel a little guilty.  I agree the Ninth Circuit provides some great resources on its web site (my favorite being its guide to standards of review), but I’ve never liked the organization of the site.  Thanks to Mr. Bashman, I’m now counting my blessings.