The Move is Complete — Welcome to the Self-Hosted California Blog of Appeal!

I got everything done, and from now on I’ll be posting exclusively here at the self-hosted site. No more posts will be made to the WordPress site, except in order to direct traffic here. Some things you may need to do:

Bookmarks: If you had the WordPress URL bookmarked, you need to update your bookmark for The California Blog of Appeal to

Posts Feed: If you were a subscriber to the feed from the WordPress site and wish to continue receiving a feed, you need to update the feed URL to You can subscribe to the posts feed automatically using either the newsreader button or web aggregator button in the right sidebar. If you need an Atom feed rather than an RSS feed, don’t worry. The feed is set up with Feedburner’s SmartFeed, which should convert the feed on the fly to either RSS or Atom, depending on your aggregator. You can also use the second button to subscribe by e-mail. If you try subscribing and your feed does not work, please email me using the link in the left sidebar.

Comments/Trackbacks: To leave a comment or to trackback to the post, click on the title of the post or on the comments link below the post. (A link that says “No Comments” doesn’t mean that comments are not allowed. It just means no one has left a comment yet.) The trackback URL is the same as the URL for the post.

Blogrolls: If you have The California Blog of Appeal on your blogroll, please update the link to