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Military Additions to the Blogroll

Let me join Appellate Law & Practice in welcoming the Military Justice Blog to the legal blogosphere. According to the blog’s subheading, the Military Jusice Blog will include miltary appellate issues. It appears to be an anonymous blog with the profile name “Sacramentum,” which, according to the profile, “was an oath taken by all Roman legionaries on entering the Roman army and was the foundation of military discipline.”

AL & P’s post also referenced CAAFlog, a well-established blog by seven contibutors following developments in the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF).

I remember reading while I was a Marine Corps officer (in fact, it might have been asigned reading) about a newspaper columnist who wrote that “Military justice is to justice what military music is to music.” Call me a cynic, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t paying a compliment.

I only served on one court martial. Other than that, I didn’t have much exposure to the military justice system. But I know there are some talented, dedicated lawyers in the military. They do tough work under difficult conditions, and my hat’s off to ’em.