Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! And has anything interesting happened while I’ve been out?

Just a short post to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving Day.

My work schedule remains light as I continue to struggle through whatever crud I have.  Honestly, I thought I’d be over this by now, but the duration of this energy-sapping malady is going on four weeks!  Thanksgiving Day reminds me, however, that I should grateful my illness amounts to nothing more than a severe inconvenience. 

I haven’t been looking at the courts’ output for the last month or so, so if there’s anything of appellate interest that you think I should write about, email me with the case information and I’ll try to get to it. I am hopeful that I will resume posting next week.

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  1. Feel better. Our Rx for what ails ya? Drop on over to LawTunes.com to hear clips of some of our allegedly humorous lawyer-created, law-related rockin’ songs. And drink plenty of fluids.

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