Prep for Next Week’s Blawg Review

It will be my privilege to post Blawg Review #155 here on Monday, April 14. The weekly Blawg Review is a round-up of some of the most attention-getting and interesting law blog posts of the previous week. If you haven’t seen one before, check out this week’s Blawg Review #154 at Healthblawg, and those from the past two weeks, Blawg Review #153 and Blawg Review #152, to get an idea of what’s coming up here. Go to Blawg Review for links to others (scroll down to the “Past Issues” list in the sidebar there).

If you visit a couple of Blawg Reviews, you’ll note that most bloggers who host the Blawg Review do so with a clever theme. I haven’t settled on a theme yet, let alone a clever one, because it may depend in part upon the posts submitted for consideration. But for now, I’m leaning toward posts about (1) lawyers or judges in trouble for breaking rules — ethical rules, court rules, even rules of human decency; (2) posts about intrigue, skullduggery, conspiracy and corruption — essentially, anything that John Grisham might decide to write about; (3) oddities.

If you run across a post you think is worthy of inclusion in next week’s Blawg Review — even a post from your own blog, and regardless of whether it fits within the themes described above — notify the Blawg Review blog editor directly according to these instructions at Blawg Review. Those submissions will be forwarded to me automatically. Please, please, please, do NOT send submissions to me directly.