Legal Antics Announces Legal Humor Law Blog Poll Winners

That was fast.  Legal Antics announced the winners in its “Top 10 Funniest Law Blogs” contest that it announced less than two weeks agoSixteen blogs were nominated.  In order to generate traffic to Legal Antics, I’m not going to disclose the winning blog here.  (A link to the post disclosing the winners is below the teaser quote.)  Here’s the teaser:

[Winner], a web site that, upon information and belief, doesn’t even consider itself a blog, let alone a law blog, has won the “Funniest Law Blog” contest by a landslide.

Go here for the complete results.

By the way, all of the sixteen nominated blogs that weren’t already on my Legal Humor blogroll have been added to it (except for one that, as far as I could tell, had nothing to do with the law).  I haven’t looked closely at any of them, so I can’t personally vouch for the quality of the humor on any of them.